It Turns Out I’m a Fangirl…

I’m calling myself a Fangirl, but it’s a relatively new label for me.  Who knew there was an official term for a chick who obsesses over fictional fandoms?  Okay, maybe a lot of people but I never heard of it until about 2 years ago.

I’ve always been a neurotically nerdy fan, but I just thought it was my own brand of weirdness:  reading my favorite book series over and over, watching endless marathons of beloved TV series with every person I could convince, and dragging less-interested friends to see the latest dark-romantic movie that I needed to see in order to sleep at night.  But in 2009 I found the One True Pair to beat all OTP’s, and I was consumed on a whole new level.

It’s funny because I  should never have known they existed.  Somehow, despite a life-long aversion to anything involving space-and-or-time-travel, my roommate got me watching Russell T. Davies’ rebirth of the old British sci-fi series, Doctor Who.  The resulting mania for the Doctor and Rose Tyler would be too intense for old habits to soothe.  I needed more, so thank God for YouTube.

(Mind the spoilers; if you haven’t seen Doctor Who Season 1 & 2 to the end, I wouldn’t recommend watching this)

Video tributes soothe the savage (if dorky) beast.  But just like any junkie, the more I used the more I needed.  Next thing I knew I was resurrecting other fixations that I’d previously and reluctantly set aside.  It was obvious from these vidlets and the gushing comments beneath that there existed a whole community of others who are the same flavor of crazy that I am.  Those not only feeling the insanity but constantly seeking to indulge it.

So I guess that’s me; a Fangirl with a new outlet for the madness.  This is my first try:  a place to vent my varied fascinations in my own words for a change and maybe even discuss them with the like-minded.

It’s time to put the crazy where it actually belongs.  Always good to head off that intervention.



  1. Girly Said:

    Hey Krissy,

    I’d probably consider myself some kind of a fan girl but one who’s less analytical about it – I stumble too much with my words and my thoughts get jumbled. 🙂

    I tried to get into Dr. Who but it was a (now) ex-boyfriend that was pushing it – so… it didn’t take.

    Well, welcome to the blogging world! Glad to have you aboard!

  2. OttoChick Said:

    Thanks for stopping by, Girly, I fell all over myself when I saw a comment on here. Now the theme song from Flash Dance, ‘What a Feeling’, is playing in my head. 🙂

    Cool, another fangirl, so many of us out there. Hope you’ll blog about some of the stuff you’re into, in case there are obsessions I’m missing out on. 😀

    PS –I hope one day you give Doctor Who a second chance; especially if you didn’t get up to David Tennant. He’s awesome enough to block out ex-bf-associations 😉

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