“Being Human” Crosses the Pond

I’ll be honest.  I said I wasn’t going to watch this show at all out of loyalty to the BBC version, which I absolutely adore.  But…it just happened to be on and I just happened to be sitting here…whatever.  Here’s my take, as much as I could get from a single episode:

First off, the werewolf character “George” from the BBC version is my sweet, bumbling favorite.  I didn’t have much hope for his American counterpart, Josh, but I was pleasantly surprised.  True, his voice never cracks in that funny way that George’s does (is that only important to me?), but you still get the Little-Boy-Lost vibe, the endearing agitation, and the all-important sad puppy eyes.  The comic timing seems on point as well.  Nice job, American George.

On to our vampire:  BBC’s Mitchell is very sexy and he has a lot of dramatic work to do, fighting against  his addictive blood-lust while the local vamp community tries to drag him back down.  Can Syfy’s Aidan handle the pressure?  Helping him along is the younger (and hotter) Vampire King, Bishop, as opposed to BBC’s evil father figure type, Herrick.

Moving along to our ghost,  I’ll admit I’m not completely won over.  I’m not giving up on Sally completely, I just found her a little annoying.  I can’t decide what it is, which may mean that my Annie-loyalty is leaking into this post.  First,  and this may not be relevant, but I don’t like the bottom half of her outfit.  It is similar to Annie’s, but Sally’s version has short pants and ugly flat shoes.  I feel like they made her look frumpy instead of comfortably stylish.   Sally does show some of the innocent charm that is vital to the character, but I think it will take more than an episode for her to grow on me.   I will say that there is already some nice chemistry with vampire Aidan.

Having gotten the superficial stuff out of the way, all that’s left is the plot.  Fortunately, that was the best part.  I thought this would be silly for me.  I’m already through season 2 in the BBC version, and will therefore always know what’s going to happen.  Yet the Syfy version, while starting out with the same ingredients, is adding its own flavor to the mix.  There are new characters to watch out for and in fact the pilot ends on a cliffhanger that has a new character of interest already in grave danger.  You can bet I’ll be watching the next installation, regardless of my original intentions, if only to find out if said character survives.

After all, Sally deserves a chance to be judged on more than her outfit.  Josh may yet find a funny, higher pitch to his voice when he gets upset.  And Aidan…though I suspect I’ll still prefer the rugged version that is Mitchell, it’ll definitely be fun to see him go head to head with a different type of Vampire King.

I guess as far as the Syfy version is concerned, I’ll continue to give it a chance.  No matter what, a ghost, a werewolf, and a vamp shacking up together is still one hell of a premise.


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