Doctor Who: This RTD Fan is Finally on Board (SPOILERS)

Well, I just watched the opener to Doctor Who’s Sixth Season, thanks to BBC America On Demand and an unplanned day off from work.  I was very impressed, and for an RTD-Rose fan, that’s really saying something.

Granted, I watched almost the entire Fifth Season while still mourning for Russell T. Davies and crew.   I’d become so attached to the likes of Rose, Donna, Jackie, Captain Jack, and Mickey; it felt like the Tenth Doctor was grieving for them with me the last time I saw him.  Yet this new Doctor starts off as if he popped into existence in Amelia Pond’s yard.  Where did my Doctor go, and by that I don’t mean Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant, I mean the character I’ve been growing attached to for years?  It seemed as if an entire new TimeLord had taken off with the Tardis.  Add Steven Moffat’s public near-disdain for the romance of Rose Tyler and blatant disregard for previous canon—I was left pretty resentful.

Luckily, that’s almost the entire Fifth Season.  The episode The Lodger was so fun and Matt Smith so completely charming, I found myself believing in the Eleventh Doctor at last.  That episode actually made my top ten!

It helped this angst-lover that the relationship between Amy and Rory intensified enough to draw me in emotionally.  I cared when he was sucked into the light and forgotten.  By the time Rory reappears in The Pandorica Opens, the scene where he (unsuccessfully) fights his auton instructions to kill the woman he loves was an absolute tearjerker.  It wasn’t Doomsday, but it was something.

River Song, whom I hated on sight in Season 4 just because she showed up out of nowhere and was automatically the Doctor’s closest companion ever, had become the character to watch in Season 5 (if only because she was the one connection to past seasons).  Still, she won me over all on her own with her confidence and flirtation, culminating in the scene where she faces down the dalek that she believes has killed her Doctor.  I can’t resist that kind of badass.

So…new season, new possibilities, and old grudges almost completely vanquished (with the help of the Christmas Carol episode…yes, I believe that Eleven was thinking about Rose when Kazran asked, “One last day with your beloved…which day would you choose?”  How could it be River when he doesn’t even trust her yet?  He may suspect that he will love her, but it makes more sense for his mind to run on his last love’s tragic end.)  Eleven got my attention right away by announcing he was 1100-&-some-years-old, which annoyed me until I realized it was a plot point.  Amy, River, and Rory have been summoned, apparently just to watch the Doctor die at the hands of an unidentified being in a spacesuit…except it turned out they weren’t the only ones.  The more familiar 900-&-change-year-old Doctor has also been tapped, and his friends can’t tell him what they know.  Ooh, intrigue.  Plus, I loved when River slapped the Doctor—it reminded me of all the times he got slapped in the past (Jackie, Martha’s Mom, Donna), which made me smile.

The monsters here are nicely scary;  Ood-like, suit-wearing aliens that electrocute people, yet as soon as you look away from them you forget they exist.  I’m not in love with Moffat, but he’s very good at creepy.  I’m less impressed with the spacesuit figure, though that’s the big threat to the Doctor.  Honestly, Vashta Nerada anybody?  Same outfit, presumably different insides.  Moffat is so good with his cinematic experience, his storytelling ability, yet he consistently forgets that these “stories” are part of a series, and yes, we do remember what we’ve already seen in the last 5 seasons.  Come on, buddy, acknowledge your venue.

The episode ends with a one-two punch:  Amy announces she’s pregnant (WTF?!) and before I can even comprehend the implications of that, she jumps up and shoots in the direction of a figure in a spacesuit with the face of a desperate little girl.

The End.

Okay, so first, is this pregnancy for real?  Amy isn’t a normal person, what with her Universe-altering abilities, so nothing about her can be accepted as fact.  I can’t really figure out how a pregnancy would work with an official companion, unless Karen Gillian plans to leave after two seasons.  Actually, if she lasts more than two seasons, she’ll be the longest lasting companion since the reboot.  So, who knows?

As for the shooting, I can’t blame Amy for trying to save the Doctor at her first opportunity.  Yet no one expected to see a terrified child possibly in the path of her bullet, and the show ends with both the Doctor and Amy looking horrified.  Suddenly I couldn’t believe I’d have to wait an entire week until I can find out what happened.  Wow.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, though I wonder how I’ll feel about that break between now and the second half, which airs in the fall.  I have heard that my favorite 5th season character, Craig (played by James Cordon in The Lodger), will make a return appearance.

Eleven lost a lot in his previous incarnations, but he wouldn’t have gotten where he is without the ability to move on.  I guess I’m finally ready to let him.


  1. anaisftw Said:

    THIS is how I felt. Like Moffat completely disregarded his past! I mean why wouldn’t he still have some, even if minimal contact with Jack and Martha? Martha still has his number and presumably still works for UNIT, if a problem arose she would call him. Same goes for Jack! Jack even said the Doctor is seemed to be lonely, but he has the greatest family ever… so why wouldn’t he go back and visit? They are friends! That’s what friends DO!

    I just found out that Moffat is not a Rose fan less than an hour ago (Having just become a Whovian in early/mid May of 2011). And this really irks me. It makes me feel as if he was watching a completely different show! She wasn’t clingy, she was dedicated. And why? The same damn reason he made Amy want to jump him! Also, because he showed her “a better way of living your life”. Same reason why she fell in love with him! Same reason Rose was so awesome. She fought back and fought for what was right. And she came back because she didn’t want to live in that world, and wanted to travel with the Doctor, and with a TARDIS.

    He left her there the first time because he wanted to have her family and her family to have her. And with his lifespan, it would pretty much be watching her die (Same reason he gave her his humanoid clone)!. Also… because Pete saved her by taking her there. IDK If Moffat is trying to say that The Doctor wasn’t crying because he didn’t get a chance to say those three little words, or that Rose always knew exactly what to say, or that her name kept him fighting, or that Rose coming back wasn’t a good thing? In my opinion, The Doctor was just as attached to her as she was to him. Why, BECAUSE HE FREAKIN LOVED HER!? She was brave, and devoted, and didn’t give up! They both had mutual respect and had a blast together as well! If that’s clingy, then clingy is a good thing.

    Sorry… just felt like ranting.
    Have a nice day/night/whatever!

    • OttoChick Said:

      Dude…a Rose-RTD fan can rant here any day of the week!!! I know what you mean, I was pretty horrified when I found out how Moffat felt about Rose (I wrote an unpublished post called “Moffat is an Asshole). It’s really unbelievable when a woman can cross worlds, save lives, put her own life on the line to save his (more than once!) all while carrying a giant gun…but she’s just clingy??? She never clung to his side on their adventures, she carried her own weight and did her own part. She brought the Doctor back from despair! Moffat’s the one who wrote their dance and had the Doctor competing with Jack for her affection, but it’s as if he only thought it was okay for the Doctor to have feelings for her when she wasn’t aware of her own romantic feelings for him.

      Don’t try to figure it out. Researching Steven Moffat to get an idea of where he comes from will just depress you (way too many male chauvinist comments). Ignorance is bliss if you intend to continue watching Doctor Who, let me tell you. I do wonder if he’s starting to cater to us a bit more, since Amy is finally acting like she’s in love with Rory.

      As for ignoring the past, RTD had the chance to create an entirely “regenerated” (haha) Doctor Who for new generations, and he specifically wanted to change it to attract more female viewers. I feel like Moffat wants to make Doctor Who completely his own in the same way, but RTD was starting after a long hiatus and Moffat isn’t…so he has chosen to pretend that nothing before his starting day matters.

      To me, that’s putting his own ego before what the fans actually want. It was hard to lose DT & RTD, and Rose’s story had a concrete ending. Wouldn’t an episode with Martha have softened the blow? Since Mickey the Idiot married her, we could have them both. And WHY NOT JACK??? Moffat is the one who created Jack in the first place.

      It sucks, but I’ve chosen to enjoy the new-new-Who for what it is and pin ALL my hopes on the 2013 anniversary and the rumored movie. Or maybe he’ll get over himself and do the smart thing…Jack in an episode?

  2. OttoChick Said:

    Just wanted to note that in my original post I thought the spacesuit-killer was too similar to Vashta Nerada, never realizing that that was a clue! It wasn’t LIKE that spacesuit, it WAS that spacesuit! Win for Moffat!

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