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Biggest Loser: Down With the Red Team!

This will be quick because I’m exhausted and it’s a million o’ clock and I have to be up early.  But I just caught up on the Biggest Loser and, man, am I heated.  Yeah, you know why.

Arthur got kicked off, and on paper he brought the situation on himself.  He’s the one who chose to toss his teammates, Jen and Jay, to the sharks and simultaneously set Sarah and her mother up as easy targets in order to keep himself and his father safe.  It was cruel and I was pissed at him when he did that, just like everyone else.

Except Jillian.  (Note:  I love Jillian Michaels.  Biased and not sorry about it.)

Jillian recognized that Arthur was really just a frightened man who kept being on the bottom and couldn’t see another way out.  It doesn’t make it right.  It was a crappy choice.  But Bob and Jillian brought the focus where it belonged by reminding his team that he severely needed their help if he was going to get better, and the team stepped up.  They got past what he’d done, so I did, too.  Arthur finally saw where he was messing up  every week and he’s been saving his under dog team (or they would be if the reds didn’t suck so much for no apparent reason) ever since.

So now some demon spawn have set Arthur up but good, with a contest that his short legs and huge stature can’t possibly compete in (the triumph was in the finish) and a prize that had a good chance of putting him in danger.  Karma my ass.

Fine, I don’t know anything about that and I really don’t care anymore about what he deserved or didn’t.  All I know is how I felt when I saw Arthur walk out in that red t-shirt.  I just dissolved into tears.  He’d tried so hard on that stupid treadmill, he really had.  He’d also done what he was supposed to do at home (couldn’t be bothered with that, eh red team?), which had to feel like a miracle.  I saw his despair, his grief, his genuine need, and then I watched his trainers literally plead for his life.

Now, look, I don’t think this is actually a death sentence.  I believe that Arthur did have his breakthrough, enough that by the grace of God he’ll actually continue at home successfully.  I just can’t get past that red team slamming him down that way.  They saw what I saw, they just were not moved.  How must that have felt, to beg for your life and have them say, ‘nah, you’ll be fine’?  I understand not wanting to toss your “family” out, but I really thought at least one person would step up and sacrifice for someone clearly in danger.  Or what about votes based on merit?  Wasn’t that supposedly the reason for sending Q home?  Maybe that was just easier because Q was a pain in the ass.

Anyway, I watched them vote Arthur off  with those empty speeches (sorry, bro, I know they said your life is on the line, but I only like sitting next to my friends in class) and felt anger bordering on loathing for each one.  I suspect I’ll get past it, just like I got past Arthur dicking around that first time.  Until then, I hope the black team can somehow become Bob and Jillian’s fist of vengeance.

Or the red team could just keep sucking for no reason.  Either way.